martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

State Of Trance - Varios Artistas


Cabe mencionar que  apesar de que
están unidas mezcladamente la rolas
y algunas de ellas han sido recortadas de su longitud original,
realmente si se disfruta el ambiente
sobretodo cuando llega la rola
"Fire Wire" que está muy prendidisima
por su bajeo extremo y su electronismo que querras repetirla
una y otra vez (aunque para ser franco no les recomiendo
escucharla frecuentemente porque alterarían su encanto). 

There's a lot to remind you, when you're enjoying electronics sounds
even if you're with friends in a party or something
'cause you know every electronic sound that you love
makes you fly so far away of the reality and that's why
you're already deep lost in a journey
and that's what happen to me when I'm listening
"Fire Wire" because this song is full of bass and deeper dimension sounds
that I recommend you.

01 7 Colours (Moguai Vocal Mix) -- Lost Witness
02 Meet Her At The Love Parade 2001 -- Da Hool
03 Deep Down Below (Terry Lee Brown -- RMB
04 You Got Me Fallin' In Love (Club Mix) -- G.Park
05 Let U Go (Wippenberg Remix) -- ATB
06 Shining Star -- C.J. Stone
07 Daytime (Gizeh Mix) -- 4 Strings
08 One Minute In Heaven (Club Mix) -- Sunbeam
09 Warrior -- Warrior
10 DJ Culture (Kay Cee Remix) -- Blank Jones
11 Maximum Overdrive (1st Mix) -- Morph
12 C'Mon (Shout) (Airscape Mix) -- Sagitaire
13 Cambodia (Extended Vocal Mix) -- Pulsedriver
14 Silence (Minimal Mix) -- Taiko
15 Proximus (Megavoices Claxixx Mix) -- Mauro Picotto
16 Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Mix) -- Cosmic Gate
17 Loving You (Marco V Remix) -- Marc Et Claude
18 Smile (Steve Baltes Mix) -- Future Breeze
19 Silence (Vocal Mix) -- DJ Tomcraft

Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Mix) -- Cosmic Gate

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