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Projekt 94: Seireenia


A quienes les ha asombrado la música Etérea, Darkwave ó algo parecido
con lo Gótico escuchen por separado a estas bandas:
"Stoa", "Lycia", "Switchblade Symphony", "Amber Asylum"
etc. y muchisisimas más, este disco si que estará a su máximo gusto
ya que con sus voces angelicales te dejarán encantadamente profundizado que de hecho
la voz más ejemplar a este manifico compacto es la melodía de "Frolic" titulada Skin,
que es la que me transforma la vida en ilusión pasajera que definitivamente este Compacto
está dedicado a quienes saborean el ambiente como atmosfera de brujas de media noche
ó voces desde el más allá.

01 Rajna -- Rajna
02 Questo Mostrsrsi -- Love Is Colder Than Death
03 Maare Illucescend -- Stoa
04 Tyriel -- La Vuibre
05 Divine -- Mira
06 Overwhelmed, Beneath Me (2000 Version) -- Black Tape For A Blue Girl
07 Stray -- Faith & Disease
08 It Swallows Me Whole -- Rosewater Elizabeth
09 Batilca -- Lycia
10 Dissolve -- Switchblade Symphony
11 Skin -- Frolic
12 The Bounding Main -- Amber Asylum
13 Shing Kee -- Carl Stone

Mira - Divine:

Frolic - Skin:

Projekt: Gothic


This compilation was on sale at "Hottopic store" by early years of 2000's and I bought it just
because I thought that it was gonna be like "Seireenia" album but only a couple of songs were similar
but afterall I kept the CD and I Threw the case away, but now I  feel regrets for what I did that time,
 That's why I got a lot of CD's without case. Whatever!
I'm posting here this compilation to show you the variety of bands of this kind of music
the most popular Artists for example:
 "Atrittion", "Lycia", "Human Drama", "Unto Ashes", "Cayman", "Black Tape For A Blue Girl",
I know there are some songs that are not compatible with my choices but I want all of you
to be sure that all their albums are pretty good.
In fact! don't let the goods CD's pass you by, if is in your possibilities to get the CD grab it.
´cause finding this sort of  arts in these times isn't that easy.

01 What Your Eyes Had Seen -- Audra
02 When You're Evil -- Voltaire
03 Mysterium -- This Ascension
04 All My Lovers -- Black Tape For A Blue Girl
05 A Girl Called Harmony -- Attrition
06 My Virgin Widows -- Mors Syphiliptica
07 Excade Decade Decada -- Lycia
08 Cayman -- Mira
09 Splinters (Re-Stripped) -- Thanatos
10 Lonely -- Human Drama
11 Rajna -- Rajna
12 Swollen Sea -- Lovespirals
13 Don't Fear The Reaper -- Unto Ashes

Lycia -- Excade Decade Decada

Mira - Cayman:

Projekt 102: Orphée

Zschrydosis, Orphée, Projekt 102, USA, 2000, Alternative Musik

Like I told you when I was looking for before the fall of my darkest days
and just because I was just a 17 years old when I was trying to find something different
and because I was tired of the same old shit everyday in every fucked up place
and I decided to get all kind of gothic music
just because a friend of mine showed me how "Lacrimosa" music sounds like
and that impressed me too much and then showed me:
"Nightwish", "Lacuna Coil" but these ones I didn't like'em that much
but after that he showed me the most beautiful compilation "Ladies, Queens & Sluts"
what I really stood excited to find that CD so different compare to this disc.
That's why if you like ethereal music named "Gothic" the albums that I recommend you are from:
Lycia, Unto Ashes, Amber Asylum, Atrittion, Christian Dörge, Abyssanctum, Sanguis Et Cinis
the first "Lacrimosa" albums.
Even though these songs aren't that good as the ones
they should have been taken, but Anyway! they are still too good.

Here's this Compilation to download it just click in the text above the image
and enjoy the trip through the ethereal music journey.

01 Splendour -- John Foxx
02 Ringing The Bell Backwards -- Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri
03 Chaos of Desire, A -- Black Tape for a Blue Girl
04 Single White Rose, A -- Human Drama
05 Lions -- Tones on Tail
06 Scourge -- Unto Ashes
07 You're So Pretty -- Audra
08 More -- Judgement of Paris
09 Life Amongst The Black Sheep -- Peter Ulrich
10 Mother -- Christian Death
11 Nostalgia -- David Sylvian
12 Soaked and Captured -- Soul Whirling Somewhere

A Dark Noël: The Very Best Of Excelsis

Enlace a esta compilación:
muy pronto!

01 Welcome Christmas -- Love Spirals Downwards
02 We Three Kings -- Rhea's Obsessionw; Athan Maroulis
03 Lord Of The Dance -- Unto Ashes
04 Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah -- Black Tape For A Blue Girl
05 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) -- The Crüxshadows
06 Let The Reindeer Live On My Room -- Audra
07 Silver and Gold -- Faith & Disease
08 Edelweiss -- Lynn Canfield
09 Aspen Glow -- Love Spirals
10 Gaudete, Gaudete -- El Duende
11 We Three Kings -- Lycia, The Unquiet Void

Projekt: The New Face Of Goth

01 Android Lust -- Stained (Video Edit)
02 Audra -- Cabaret Fortune Teller03 Lycia -- Pray (Radio Edit)
04 Black Tape For A Blue Girl -- The Lie Which Refuses To Die
5 Voltaire -- Brains!

06 Unto Ashes -- Witche's Rune
07 Attrition --Two Gods...Are Better Than One
08 Bleak -- In Vain09 Lowsunday -- Wallpaper Room (Radio Edit)
10 Mira -- Divine

11 Mors Syphilitica -- The Hues Of Longing
12 Love Spir
als Downwards -- Stir About The Stars
13 Voltaire -- Goodnight, Demon Slayer

Love Spirals Downwards -- Stir About The Stars

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