domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Flowing Tears

Here is the "Jade" album and this is the one I like more of "Flowing Tears",
bad thing is they don't do this kind of work any more!
I think this is the best album of this band
in fact! I love "Razorbliss" too but it's a little different,
might Stefany Duchene be the reason of that difference?
or just my point of view but there are several changes that I can hear,
I got to recognize that I downloaded this album only for the song "Swallow"
(included in the "Ladies, Queens & Sluts Vol. 2 Compilation",
 on a deal with "Orkus Compilation")
and then I saved money to buy a CD of "Flowing Tears" or whichever appears first
and I started to look for,  in every place of metal music CD's on sale or stores
but the only one I found was "Razorbliss" and I really, really loved it. Whatever!
Finally I got this one, after two years of non-stop searching since 2006
and I posted to show you how is the appearance of album art digi-pack.

"The Disc is culture, but the Music Is Art"

01 Godless
02 Sistersun
03 Swallow
04 Lovesong For A Dead Child
05 Under The Red
06 Turpentine
07 The One I Drowned
08 Vanity
09 Radio Heroine
10 Coma Garden
11 Jade
12 White Horses

Flowing Tears - Sistersun:

Flowing Tears - Sollow:

Flowing Tears - Radio Heroine:



01 Razorbliss
02 Believe
03 Virago
04 Undying
05 Radium Angel
06 Firedream
07 Ballad Of A Lonely God
08 Snakes Of Grey
09 Mine Is The Ocean
10 Maladine
11 Unspoken
12 Pitch Black Water

Flowing Tears - Razorbliss:

Flowing Tears - Undying:

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