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At Sixes and Sevens


01. Meridian
02. Sister Nightfall
03. On the Wane
04. In a Manica
05. At Sixes and Sevens
06. Lethargica
07. Manic Aeon
08. A Shadow of Your Own Self
09. In Sumerian Haze

Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens:
Sirenia - Manic Aeon:
An Elixir For Existence
Zschrydosis, Sirenia, An Elixir For Existence, Napalm Records Alemanía, Noruega, 2004, Metal Alternativo

01. Lithium and a Lover
02. Voices Within
03. A Mental Symphony
04. Euphoria
05. In My Darkest Hours
06. Save Me From Myself
07. The Fall Within
08. Star-Crossed
09. Seven Sirens and a Silver Key

Sirenia - Lithium and A Lover:

Sirenia - Star-Cross:

Sirenian Shores


01.Sirenian Shores
02.Save Me From Myself (Remix)
03.Meridian (Acoustic)
04.First We Take Manhattan
05.Obire Mortem

¡Qué parecido tiene esta rola a la de Star-Crossed
que en definitiva para mí es la mejor del pasado disco!

Sirenia - Sirenian Shores:

Sirenia - First We Take Manhattan:

Nine Destinies And A Downfall

Zschrydosis, Sirenia, Nine Destinies and A Downfall, Nuclear Blast (Germany), Norway, 2007, Metal Alternativo

01. The Last Call
02. My Minds Eye
03. One By One
04. Sundown.mp3
05. Absent Without Leave
06. The Other Side
07. Seven Keys And Nine Doors
08. Downfall
09. Glades Of Summer
10. My Minds Eye (Radio Edit)

Sirenia - My Minds Eye:

Sirenia - The Other Side:

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