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Metal Alternativo

Elis - Griefshire


01.-Tales From Heaven and Hell
02.-Die Stadt
03.-Show me the Way
05.-Seit dem Anbeginn der Zeit
06.-Remember the Promise
07.-Phoenix From the Ashes
08.-How Long
09.-Innocent Hearts
10.-Forgotten Love
11.-The Burning
12.-A New Decade

Elis - Brothers:

Elis - The Burning:

Battlelore - Evernight

Zschrydosis, Battlelore, Evernight, Finlandia, Napalm Records, 2007, Metal Alternativo

01House Of Heroes
02 Oceans Elysium
03 Summon The Wolves
04 We Are The Legions
05 Into The New World
06 Longing Horizon
07 Mask Of Flies
08 The Cloak And The Dagger
09 Beneath The Waves

Battlelore - House Of Heroes:

Battlelore - Mask Of Flies:

Beseech - Drama

Zschrydosis, Beseech, Drama, Sweden, Napalm Records (Germany), 2004, Metaln Alternativo

01 Drama
02 Higher Level
03 Voices
04 Forever Falling
05 Bitch
06 Addicted
07 Come On In
08 Friend Emptiness

Beseech - Drama:

Beseech - Forever Falling:

Epica - The Divine Conspiracy

Zschrydosis, Epica, The Divine Conspiracy, Netherlands, Nuclear Blast (USA), 2007, Metal Alternativo

01-Indigo (Prologue)
02-The Obsessive Devotion
03-Menace of Vanity
04-Chasing the Dragon
05-Never Enough
06-La‘petach Chatat Rovetz (The Final Embrace)
07-Death of a Dream (The Embrace that Smothers - Part VII)
08-Living a Lie (The Embrace that Smothers - Part VIII)
09-Fools of Damnation (The Embrace that Smothers - Part IX)
10-Beyond Belief
11-Safeguard to Paradise
12-Sancta Terra
13-The Divine Conspiracy

Epica - The Obssesive Devotion:

Imperia - Queen Of Light

Zschrydosis, Imperia, Queen Of Light, Norway, Locomotive Records (España), 2007, Metal Alternativo

01. Mirror
02. Fly Like The Wind
03. Raped By The Devil
04. Broken Wings
05. Braveheart
06. Facing Reality
07. Norway
08. Abyssum
09. The Birth Of...
10. Queen Of Light
11. Fata Morgana
12. The Calling
13. Missing You

Imperia - Raped By The Devil:

Imperia - The Obsessive Devotion:

After Forever - After Forver

Zschrydosis, After Forever, After Forever, Netherlands, Nuclear Blast America, 2007, Metal Alternativo

01. Discord
02. Evoke
03. Transitory
04. Energize Me
05. Equally Destructive
06. Withering Time
07. De-Energized
08. Cry With a Smile
09. Envision
10. Who I Am
11. Dreamflight
12. Empty Memories
After Forever -  Discord:

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