jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Trail Of Tears



01.Deceptive Mirrors
02.My Comfort
03.Venom Inside My Veins
04.Decadence Becomes Me
05.She Weaves Shadows
06.The Closing Walls
07.Empty Room
08.Poisonous Tongues
09.As It Penetrates
10 Shades of Yesterday

Trail Of Tears - Deceptive Mirrors:

Trail Of Tears - My Comfort:

Trail Of Tears - Empty Room:

A New Dimension Of Might

Zschrydosis, Trail Of Tears, A New Dimension Of Might, Norway, Napalm Records (Germany), 2002, Metal Alternativo

01 - Ecstatic
02 - A Fate Sealed in Red
03 - Crashing Down
04 - Obedience In The Abscence of Logic
05 - Liquid View
06 - Denial And Pride
07 - The Call of Lust
08 - Splendid Coma Visions
09 - Bloodred Trance
10 - Caffeine

Trail Of Tears - Ecstatic:

Trail Of Tears - A Fate Sealed In Red:

Trail Of Tears - Liquid Of View


Zschrydosis, Trail Of Tears, Profoundemonium, Norway, Napalm Records (Germany), 2000, Metal Alternativo

01 Countdown to Ruin
02 Driven Through the Ruins
03 Fragile Emotional Disorder
04 Profoundemonium
05 Sign of the Shameless
06 In Frustration's Preludium
07 In Frustration's Web
08 Released At Last
09 Image of Hope
10 Disappointment's True Face
11 The Haunted

Trail Of Tears - Fragile Emotional Disorder:

Trail Of Tears - Dissapointment's True Face:

Trail Of Tears - The Haunted:

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